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Removing power steering filter, 380SL

Hey, I've got a new Benz in the family, about which I'll post
shortly. But for now, our old faithful 380SL needs a power
steering service, and I'm stuck.

Sucked the old fluid out with a Mityvac, and I have a brand-new
power steering filter here from PartsShop, ready to go. But I
can't figure out how to remove the old filter!

The empty reservoir has a threaded stud sticking straight up;
the reservoir cap hole goes over the end of that stud, and is
held down by a wingnut that threads onto the stud end.

Partway down the stud is a round disc clip that retains a spring;
the spring goes to the bottom of the reservoir where it seems
to hold the old filter in place. Or at least there's a plate down
there with a circle of holes in it, just as the new filter has.

I've read the 107 service CD and it doesn't even talk about
power steering filter changes (sheesh). Looked up a bunch of
old Tech Help threads, which say "remove the spring in order
to get the filter out".

Roger. Uh, well, not quite roger. More like Larry, Curly and Moe.

I've tried to remove the spring retaining disc clip. No dice, it just
spins in place. Have tried to rotate the stud by grabbing its end
with a pair of vice-grips. No dice. I've been able to spin the
plate at the reservoir bottom with a pair of needlenoses, but
that isn't loosening anything up, arrrrgh.

Can anyone give me the Mr. Clueless careful walkthrough on
how to remove the spring and get the old filter out? Thanks!


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