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People from Western PA please read this!

Hey guys, I posted about this in the performance paddock, but got only one response. Hopefully I can suck more than one from putting this here. If I am wrong for putting it here you can move it. But, I'm looking for people from Western PA, those around Pittsburgh... I have someone willing to come from Mount Lebanon, anywhere in western PA!! Or if you can get to Monroeville, that's where I'm going to try and hold a small Mercedes Car Club. Anyone who has a Mercedes, or just loves them (if yours is out of comission, if you love them I'm sure you've got one). It would be awesome if you drove it down so we could all check it out, and share our info on how to fix things and help you out. We would meet on a friday or saturday in a parking lot which has plenty of room for cars. We'd all park em and sit around them and talk. So far I have 5 people, which I would be happy with as a start, but if you're interested please post or please contact me at:

So far the cars that are going to show up are:

1992 500E (mine)
1989 300SEL (my fathers)
1988 560SEL
1998 C230
1984 190E

So please contact me if you're interested. Thanks!
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