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Fan Clutch Removal

The fan clutch removal is not too difficult and has to be done for some routine maintenace items such as replacing the serpentine belt.

The bolt that holds it onto the pulley takes an 8mm allen wrench (with breaker bar extension) and quite a bit of force to get it loose.

To get access to the bolt you need to unclip the fan shroud and lift it up partially. It will not come completely off until the clutch has been removed.

You will also find that the pulley will just turn when you try to loosen the nut. You can make a tool to hold the pulley by taking a piece of 3/16" steel rod about 12" long and bending the end 90 degrees in a vise. The bent end needs to be 1/2" long. The 1/2" end of the tool rests in a slot in the pulley mouting casting and will engage in a hole in the back of the pulley as it is rotated, locking it so it cant turn. The tool is also needed when reinstalling the fan clutch.

Hope this information helps.
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