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Sicangu Oyate
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Thank you Dave for pointing that out. Now you've given me several questions.

Yes, the diode I checked was the small (zenor?) diode and it was good. I also see the difficulty in testing the main diodes.

If I cut the stator wires, how should I reconnect them? Will heavy duty solder work?

The diodes appear to be brazed which is understandable, however, how the hell did those things get brazed together without incinerating the bakelite module or the diodes themselves?

If, in fact, one of the diodes is bad, where might I find an assembly with mandatory travel this weekend?

I don't know for a fact that any diode is bad, but I wanted to check since I have the bad boy split know sort of like an incidental appendectomy.

I am thoroughly convinced that both brushes are shot, both having less than 1/4" closer to 1/8" remaining. I have the new regulator module and am ready to close it back up. But heck, I just don't like the idea of doing double work if I have a bad diode.

Nor do I feel like paying upwards of $150 for essentially (six) $1.49 diodes, another voltage regulator, and a hunk of metal and windings that have experienced the very same wear and tear, if not more.

I'm open for alternatives to buying a rebuilt alternator. It just rubs me the wrong way...only so much can fail. If time and distance were not a factor here, I'd be more willing to play Dr. Kildare with these diodes. But I'm still willing to give it the college try if the re-connection and possible diode bridge replacement problem can be resolved in a very timely manner.

Thanks again for all of your input

Joseph Monk
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