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Originally Posted by Mark DiSilvestro View Post
I only suggested the Pick-N-Pull because their prices are so reasonable. That 240D appeared to have been still running up until the accident, and I might even have been able to arrange to try and start it. As for customer sevice, the Pick-N-Pull was nice enough to forklift that 240D from the crusher compound back into the customer yard when I went back next day for some more parts.
Here in the Washington DC area, most salvage yards are part of the Brandywine Group, and charge several hundred more than Pick-N-Pull for a used engine.

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Don't get me wrong, if China's engine ever fails I will more than likely go the PNP route, you simply have to know what your up against before the process starts. There is no better part for the price than PNP, and if you can hit a half price day even better.
But uh, not much in the way of customer service at all........[folks are usually polite, just don't deviate from the exact norm.]
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