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Originally Posted by JimmyL View Post
Don't get me wrong, if China's engine ever fails I will more than likely go the PNP route, you simply have to know what your up against before the process starts. There is no better part for the price than PNP, and if you can hit a half price day even better.
But uh, not much in the way of customer service at all........[folks are usually polite, just don't deviate from the exact norm.]
Late last summer was the first time in over 20 years that I visited what is now the Virginia Beach Pick-N-Pull. The place used to be the usual local hole-in-the-wall salvage-yard with an office-trailer. Now they have a large air-conditioned building/lobby with a streamlined entry and checkout setup. If I'd noticed on that trip that they had rolling-cranes availible to pull & move engines, I might have tried to get the engine, manual tranny and related hardware for possible transplant into my automatic 240D. But it was a very miserable, hot & sticky week, I didn't have a truck availible, and my brother would have a fit if he found major 240D parts stuffed in our parent's Virginia Beach garage. (I was able to hide some bulky but relatively light-weight W123 fenders and bumpers in the attic!)
My biggest gripe with Pick-N-Pull is the limited time a vehicle stays until it's crushed.
So far as customer service is concerned, many DC area salvage yards will pull parts for you, and have various popular items like taillights, AC compressors and engines already pulled and cataloged, but prices tend to be 3 or 4 times higher, and they never have half-price sales!

Happy Motoring, Mark

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