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you seem to know alot about your engine,but i cant help you with those specifics, all i can help you with is the rich / lean question,
there is a target a/f (air/fuel) ratio combined with advanced timing for your engine to make maximum power, but this really needs to be performed on a dyno with the correct tuning gear, or at the bare least with your own tuning gear, this can be expensive,
unless you know the a/f ratio i wouldnt suggest playing with this to much as it has the possibility to destroy your engine.

i think you must be ajusting your fueling by adjusting the carberator? is this correct? but anyway i think you will be getting inconsistant a/f ratios thru your rev range hence different feel thru the range,
if you can get a electroic injection setup on it this will give you more tuning options with more precision

my 2c'good luck
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