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Help, before it gets stripped!

Originally Posted by Moorewr View Post
it is probably the catch on the B pillar, you can loosen it with an Allen/hex head wrench

Because the plastic "lips" are broken, I'm trying to change this catch, but for the life of me, I cannot get the 4 bolts (5mm Allen screws?) off, I'm afraid I'm going to strip the hex pattern.

I just used a bunch of PB blaster, and tapped it, but it is NOT BUDGING! Tried a couple of times. Tried again with Deep Creep, another type of penetrating lubricant. My guess that it is corroded so bad behind the pillar, the lubricant cannot penetrate to loosen. Am I on the right track here?

Please help with any suggestions!

Edit, found this but it looks like if the PB blaster does not work, I am %$#@#$:

Yep, those Allen head screw are really tough to get out even on doors with good seals I've seen bad rust/corrosion that welds these screws tight. I let them soak with penetrating oil for a while like the other members have suggested. Then I use a hammer-type impact wrench to remove the screws (this is the poor man's impact driver that has the appropriate tool attached and then hit it with a hammer to break loose the fastener - my big air compressor is in storage). If you have an air or electric impact gun - then use it because the hammering action greatly helps to loosen these screws and avoid damaging the Allen head portion of the screw. If you should round off the Allen head screw then I've used a small sharp chisel to cut a groove in the screw head, then place the chisel in the groove facing in the direction to loosen the screw, and then strike it with a hammer to loosen the screw (this may take several tries speaking from experience). If this fails then you made need to drill through the head of the screw and then use an easy out.
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