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The 300HP (ECE/Code 822) engines are a Lot more then just high compression (1 pt buys you about a 4% increase in ideal conditions). They also have hotter cams, tri y cast headers, specific EZL, KE and EHA's.

If you Really want to make the engine sing, mechanical lifters and a hot cam Really wake things up I'm making power to 6700rpm in one of my 560's.

If you are going to convert to EFI, the old setups are want to go modern day stand alone fuel and spark...if you like to tinker, Megasquirt is Great.. If you want a Powerful system that's reasonably priced Wolf ECM looks to be the ticket IMHO.

Be careful w/ the CO, for one on a CIS car you are only adjusting the mixture up to 2500rpm...and if you Really want to tune the car you need to so so on a dyno w/ a a/f ratio meter hooked up..w/o that you are mainly guessing.

You can adjust the timing to some degree via the R16 resistor.. stock these cars come w/ 2-3 degrees initial timing which crap..removing said resistor gets you to around 12-15 degrees.

If you want a Hot 560 (or even a 6L) we can set you up w/ a pretty easy 300-320 HP or even more so if a bump in displacement is of interest.

To my knowledge, you'll need the 560 crank as well to make it a 500 a 560.

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