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Old 08-27-1999, 01:10 PM
Chris C.
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On the push, push, and push again to get the odo. to reset without sticking, or in other words, getting all the # to line up so it does not stick and click. I found the problem is that the stem that you are pushing on does not appear to be long enough. When you take the unit apart and can reset without the stop restriction it works perfectly every time, first time. I tried to do some slight bending of a fork peice in there, I really wanted to simply lengthen the push rod, but do to the fact this is also the control for the dash lght dimmer, theres no room for that. Anyway no good fix for that litte problem. If you take yours apart and spend some time looking at it you might come up with something better than bending the potmetal fork, (very scary), but it did help mine.