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let's take the start-up one step at a time, still prentending u're not very smart

the 'growling' is some sound effect that that kinda crecendo's in the slamming of a metal door. by now you should have has a picture of a gullwing and a large MB logo. click on the 'skip intro' if u want to bypass this whole episode.

u should get to a disclaimer page after the MB logo disappears or if u clicked 'skip intro'

during the initial 'growlings' u might happen to see the start-up screen of the Adobe reader as it loads. check on your task bar if the browser session as well as a adobe session have started ...

accept the disclaimer and then select the model u want to get the info for after u clicked on 'continue' to bypass the movie ....

if somewhere along the line u need to connect to the web, click on the 'work offline' option.

lemme know what happens

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