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Hey, we're going to meet in Monroeville. It's about 15 minutes outside the city, it's extremely easy to get to, whether you're going on the turnpike or the parkway. I can definately give you directions if you need them. We'd meet right off of business 22 in the penn center parking lot. It all depends on how many people are interested really. If we get more than 10, we might have to get to a bigger lot. Where we go, we can meet somewhere right on the main highway, that way you can find us easy. Don't mix us up with the car club full of civics, pickup trucks, and dodge neons that meet just down the road Welp, post if you have any questions. We're looking to meet the 19th or the 20th. Whatever time is best for everyone, whether you want day to see the cars in light, or night, doesn't matter to me. See ya!
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