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Thanks Jim,

Through some research, I think he meant E-type, as in fuel injection. Anyway I'm 99% sure it is a 380SEL sedan in a hunter green, here's a pic. This is in the SE US, so I think rust would be minimal. I'm not going to intentionally beat the tar out of it, but it's nice to know it could take said beating. At this price, I'm willing to put some $$$ into it to make sure everything's ok. But sounds like fixing the A/C from what I found out could cost around $2k. I may have to live without that, but depends if I feel like it's worth it after a while.

Originally Posted by Jim B. View Post
There is no such thing as a 380e.

Is it a 280e or a 380SE (the larger S-klasse car?)

Good, safe, comfortable, incredibly well engineered and built cars either of them, but air conditioning and rust problems can plague both of them

$900 is a good price for a decent running one, if you want a safe durable car, and one that will keep running for a long time even if you totally beat it into the ground and don't do anything to it which is what it sounds like you want to do;

Though to me personally that would be horrible to do to one of them
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