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Bob Cavazos
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I do have an ETM on CD--it leaves a bit to be desired. I'm not sure how to correlate ckt 15 with the diagrams that are in the ETM;there's no cross reference to any of the diagrams. However, I have a strong electronics background so I do know how to read and follow the ckt diagrams.

With that said, I'm not sure how to check ckt 15 to the ignition module with the key (power) off. Do you have a recommendation?

I do notice that fuse 7 feeds the wipers/washers, the heated washer nozzles (of which I blew some cleaner with compressed air through), the ignition module, and a host of other systems. This dosen't look good--I'm hoping that there is a easy fix and nothing got frapped.

Thanks for your reply, and if you have any other advice, I'm all ears.

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