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Jerry McG
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MB Doc,

Well, I spoke too soon. My E430 Sport, the subject of some discussion here re: it's alignment problems AFTER the dealer worked on it, continues to show significant abnormal tire wear. Now it's wearing the inside edge of the right front tire. It appeared to be ok, but then I took an 1800 mile trip over the weekend and when I returned home sure as anything the right front is wearing badly. I personally checked the specs they set it at and it was clearly withing spec. What ion the heck can be going on here? It still pulls right or left depending upon road crown, but that's about all. Tire pressures are spot on, etc. I'm thourouyughly confused, and feeling like an idiot for ever having had them touch the thing. Tire wear was negligible at 12,000 miles, now it's significant on two tires only 3900 miles later. HELP!!!!