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I spent about three hours stumbling through this last night and here's what I learned. I didn't have Shockwave so I found it on the cd directory and installed it. I also installed Acrobat 4.0. Everthing worked fine. The 124 rolling over the road, sound, everything. Didn't figure I needed Acrobat 3.0 any more so I removed it. While in the directory I saw the icons for the files and opened a few just to get the hang of it. I'm still an old fashioned guy though, so as I look up stuff I think I'll need, I print it and put it in a notebook. It will be nice to be able to take data to the car, get it greasy and throw it away. Then reprint it! What a concept. Can't thank you guys enough. That's what this forum is all about, the sharing of collective knowledge!! Now can someone recommend how often I should change my oil?
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