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Jerry McG
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My driving style is fast but not crazy, and the wear occurred during a steady 70 mph 1800 mile round trip from NJ to Chicago & back. The tires are the Goodyear F1's fitted to the E430 Sport package. I dilligentlyt keep the tire pressures at factory spec, and I always check and adjust them when the tires are cold. (32 psi front, 33 psi rear).

FYI, for the first 12k miles it showed almost no wear, and certainly no unusual wear on the edges of the tread. As a precaurtion I asked them to check & adj the alignment as part of the 12k "A" service, as I surmized the car probably had settled a bit since new (the steering wheel spokes were ever so slightly off center compared to being perfectly aligned when new). When I got it back the wheel was significantly off to the left, and the car pulled to the right. They immediately reset it, but then over the next 2k miles it began to show accelerated wear on the outside edge of the left fron tire. They reset it again (it was toed in too much and the rear thrust was way off). It seemed to be ok, but now it's wearing the INSIDE edge of the right front tire dramatically.

I don't have the settings, but I compared their print to what MB doc gave me and it seemed to be well within spec. I'm stumped, could it be they damaged the frame and the car is now unsquare??? That's the only thing I can surmize at this point.