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Jerry McG
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Corky, thanks for your informative post. Here are the as-set specs on my car, direct from a printout I obtained when they checked it today at my request:

Front Camber:

L = -0.8 R = -0.9

Cross Camber = 0.1deg


L = 4.5deg R = 4.7deg

Cross Caster = -0.2deg


L = 0.15deg R = 0.16deg

Total Toe = 0.32deg



L = -1.0deg R = -1.2deg


L = 0.31deg R = 0.26deg

Total Toe = .57deg

Thrust = 0.03deg

Everything seems within spec EXCEPT caster, which is way out. Could this be contributing to the unusual wear on the inside of the right front tire? It seems to steer ok and I've never really had wear problems from caster when it's this close side to side. Thanks again for your help!