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more on throttle actuator

I follow all these threads on the M104 motor to learn what I can. I saw with interest your comment on the throttle actuator and its relation to cruise control. My CC has been erratic and has not been working lately. It started working again sometime ago, but I had no occasion to use it. When I tried again recently it wasn't working again. I've already had the wiring harness replaced in the course of getting the head gasket done because it wouldn't run right after my mechanic buttoned it up. The car ran perfectly when I bought it (52k "low miles"). The oil leak just bugged the hell out of me so I had it done. It seems that disturbing the equilibrium on the car unearths all these little bugaboos. The only other symptom which seems to be throttle related is that a couple of times it wouldn't start on the first try in the morning. It felt like it was about to get flooded, but cleared up immediately after. I attributed it to some bad gas which I've had with some local stations but now I'm starting to think about this expensive part. I know it has similar problems as the wiring harness. Are any of these symptoms indicative of early failure in the throttle actuator? Should I leave well enough alone?
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