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Marc Lenssen
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Hello Gilly and Dalton,

Thanks both for the firm language. I just exchanged my new Super plus (copper cored, not platinum) for the standard ones.

The local Benz shop told me that i could use the new super plusīs without risk. Arguing that if Bosch tels you it is oke for a 104 engine it is oke for a 104 engine.
They attributed the R in the product description to a radio interference block. So it had nothing to do with a resistorplug that might damage the coil but with a plug that does not make noise over the radio.
Whatever, just for my piece of mind I will drive the standard ones for a while. If they perform thesame as the new and improved ones I will just use the standard ones.

Thanks for the advice and Iīll keep you posted.

One more question: at 4000 rpmīs the engine gives a real kick. I do not know what causes this real surge in power. Is it the ignition, the cpu or the air intake that allows for so much extra power. Since I do not use the revs over 4000 very much i would be looking for a way to get this kick down to 3000 rpmīs or even lower.
Anyone any bright ideas?

Thanks a lot and happy motoring,

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