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i cant recal what size oil line i got, i just went into my local hydrolic shop and said i need a turbo oil line to the young fella in there and he said he knew which size would be sweet, i think it mite of been 3/8" but dont quote me on that,
i got my power from looking under the hood the right had side of the engine bay above the wheel well theres a little bkack box with a cross on the top of it with 3 large wires coming out, if you test them i beleive two are ignition on power and the other one is constant power,
i got all my power from here including the power for my wideband.

i just had a look at ur pics, and in my car it would have come from about smack bang in the middle of this pic, but your car seems to be different layout from myne, my fuse box is even on the other side,
its not in that little box in front of the fuse box is it?

let me know how you get on with your aem! fingers crossed for you to get it working and get some ignition timing and injector control!
paaaa ece

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