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Yes I did check with my Mercedes Benz Dealer. I don't remember exactly how much they wanted for the transmission, but it would have cost me about $3,000 for Mercedes to provide and install a remanufactured transmission in my car. I could not afford that option.

About two months ago I posted a question, requesting advice about how to proceed. I mentioned that I was purchasing a remanufactured transmission from a well known company that sells Mercedes parts and accessories on the internet. That particular transmission belonged to the owner of that company, which he sold at a reasonable price. (he told me that he kept the tranny as a spare for the Brabus, which he had already disposed off).

I asked my dealer, as well as, on your bulletin board if it would work with my car, and either you or Bill Woods said it would. You had not begun selling parts at the time. I also replaced the flex disks and U joint.

Do you think I have a major problem? Is there a difference in the output produced by a racing tranny as opposed to a regular tranny, or are they both the same? If the forward lurch that occurs when I place the car in drive is just an inconvenience, I can deal with that, however, if it is a sign of major problems to come, I'm worried.

Please note that my old transmission slammed for more than three years before burning out (could this mean that I may have some worn bushings or parts in the rear of my car, and that the problem is not with the tranny)?

Thank you in advance

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