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91 300 SEL leaks

I will try to make this short as it is a 2 question post-
1. Engine leaks from passenger side between head and crankcase. I think it is a bad head gasket, but no running problems, just a qt. every 500 miles.....

2. transmission leaks- I replaced the pan gasket and used a torque wrench, so I think thats ok, The inside of the bellhousing is dry, but there is a distinct drip at the bottom of the bell housing(maybe where it accumulates) The dipstick o-ring is not leaking, and I took the metal hose out, and it did not seem to leak. What am I missing? Both leaks are DEFINITELY from the passenger side, and they are irritating me, as I never had a leak in the first two years..... I am a 15 yr diy'er, and have been under the car 3 times looking for the leak, and no luck any suggestions????

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