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I have a 91' 190e 2.3 with only 65k miles. When I bought the car it had been sitting for over a year, but it had all dealer serv. records before that. The car ran great but would not go to overdrive. I took it to my mech. who added a mystery fluid to the trans. case and it seemed to fix the problem. About a week ago I was going 80mph down the interstate with the air on in 100degree weather and the car was running cool. All of a suddenly smoke started coming out the back of the car. I pulled over and fluid was dripping on the exhaust. I was close to home so I went backroads home at a slow pace and have not had anymore leakage or smoke since. I have not had the car back on the hiway since but it shifts and drives fine in town except for the painfully slow acceleration from a dead stop. I hear that is because all merc's start in second gear from a start. The mechanics I have talked to say the trans is bad. I dont buy it! help! Any suggestions would be gratefull. joe