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Hi all,
I just said i shld reply to all ur mails and say thanks for the assistance.

it was not the antifreeze , because i am in the tropics where coolants are more useful and the temps are never low enough to require anti-freeze.

On close inpection , i discovered the oil level going down , and the technician suspected valve seals so we opened up the engine On opening up the engine , we discovered the rings were shot and it wasnt just a valve seal problem . So we (well the mechanic) did more or less an engine overhaul Rings, valve seals , Head gaskets,plugs ,oil change etc and now i dont have any fumes at all, Engine back to new.

I was scared initially that the car would not be the same , but the mechanic was quite good and all i have noticed that was different from before now is a slight increase in engine temp , which the technician explains as being a result of the new engine components . He said they need a run-in period(thot that was necessary for brakepads and tyres only )

But thanks guys , my pals are biting their tongues for making fun of me earlier.

This site is the bomb.
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