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When I was putting in a new timing chain on my W126, 117 motor(5 liter V8) , I couldn't hardly see what the pictures were showing me. I had to go to this forum several times for advice. All I had then was the cd. When I got the manuals, I couldn't believe how much clearer everything is. I didn't know you could even get them anywhere, except if someone was willing to sell used ones. It's not a question IF the manuals are worth splurging on or not. It's more that the cd is really a rip off!! There is NO REASON that the pictures are not clear. I can scan in pictures on my $39 HP scanner that are far superior to what is on the cd. Not to mention the disorganization of the cd. It's very hard to navigate the cd to find what you want. Luckily I have a son who helped me with this, or I might have also used it for a coaster. The bottom line is, MB doesn't want you to fix your own car. They don't supply information on the transmission, for instance. This is unfortunate, since it is such a piece of ****!! Long term, buying the manuals is an excellent investment, for someone who is going to keep their W126 for a long time. And why not, where can you buy a better safer more dependable car for that kind of money?
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