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Bled the IP. Didn't seem to have much air in it as fuel came spurting out as soon as I cracked the bleed screw and pumped the primer.

Gave her another dose of Star Tron on the theory that more is better than less, especially as the bottle says there is no danger to overdosing.

Plan to swing by the hardware store for a couple of 5 gallon containers today so I can siphon out the fuel, drain the tank, clear the tank filter, wash it all out with some gas and see if that helps.

Pulled one piece of fuel line - 5/16 ID i believe - to take with me to get some new hose. But I didn't pull a piece of the hose running from the injectors (drat) so I'm not sure what ID they are. Smaller than the othe fuel hose, but that does me no good of course.
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