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/\ Yeah my car has the last year of the m104 in it with FI so its all good, I got it working.

Originally Posted by c280nz View Post
i just had another tuning go 2nite,
i need to get bigger injectors, the 310cc with the 5bar just isnt giving me enough fuel, i am thinking about 350cc and going back to the 4 bar fpr,
yea geting the idle and mid throttle closed loop is time consuming, but getting it right,'but i cant get enough fuel wide open at 6psi around 5k rpm.

what airflow meter are you using e320, and does it max out a 5v during use, myne maxes out at around 5k rpm.

i like ur style mark runnin 2 widebands :-)
Im acutally using the stock meter for the closed loop, then clamping it when the open loop starts. Its pretty easy to figure out and you dont have to hassle with the meter maxing out since it gets locked at a certain voltage and bypassed.
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