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Unhappy 1984 380SL with Euro Lights !!

I need some help please. I have a 1984 380 SL in which the previous owner installed Euro headlights. The aim is WAY OFF the driver side headlight practically aims straight down.

I cannot figure out how to adjust these headlights. I have no vacuum control in the car but there also seem to be no adjustment screws visible.

Do I need to remove the lense ? If so I can't figure out how to do even that. The rear side of the lights are inside the fenders, you cannot see the back or the wire hook-ups from inside the engine compartment.

All help is appreciated.

PS - These lights are in EXCELLENT condition and I would be happy to trade anyone these headlights for a set of EXCELLENT condition US headlights. (If I can figure out how to uninstall them !!)


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