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Question Replace Air Mass Sensor?

(I think I'm in the right forum now)

I've read many of the threads here dealing with the mass air sensor (same as air mass meter?) and I'm not sure if I should have it replaced, replace it myself (how hard is it?) or just live with the check engine message. It's a '97 E320, all functions work, drives fine, mpg's same as new; but a week ago "CHECK ENGINE ENGINE ELECTRONICS" popped up on digital display on dash. My dealer mechanic said probably air mass sensor needs replace, at $600.00 cost, but he reset computer to eliminate message and said wait and see if message comes back. It came back yesterday. So, should I try to replace it, should I let dealer replace it, or should I do nothing until car starts running erratically? What kind of erratic behavior will I likely see if I don't replace it?
Thanks to MBDOC for his quick reply. I checked fastlane; the part is $275. I think I'll try replacing it myself.....what does the MAS look like and where is it?
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