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Marc Lenssen
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NON "R" plugs

Hello Arthur and Gilly,

Actually it is easy for me to get the non "R" plugs here in the Netherlands. They are still the standard plugs used by the Benz shop. I just stumbled on the R ones ( the ytriums) by acident. They were marketed by Bosch as the new standard on Mercedes etc. and I figured why not try them?

Well, I went back to the non "R" ones and am happy as ever to be driving a benz that does not stall or hick up.

The only thing missing is a 500E in my garage. The 300E 2.8 is a nice car but misses the kick of the 500E.
So who knows, maybe the next messages will be on a whole string of problems and frustration of the next project.

Thanks anyway and greetings,

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