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Wendell Allen
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Question Spring Compression Help - HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

So I've decided not to lower my car. At least not with new springs. But since it sits crooked, and outside of MB's recommendation of 20mm, I've bought new "shims" in the correct amount to level it, and slightly lower it in the process.

But imagine my surprise when I can't find a spring compressor for this thing. I've tried the regular compressors, but they won't fit up inside the spring. The openings in the bottom A-frame are too small. And they won't fit through the top either. So I rented one for struts, but the pieces that go between the individual coils are cast iron and too big to fit in. And I've tried everything I have to expand the coils enough to fit them in. Nothing works.

Mercedes makes a tool for it, but even the dealer doesn't want to quote the price to me saying it's almost as much as having them do it.

Man, this is turning into a bigger pain than it's worth.

Any suggestions from someone who's been down this road before? I'm at my wits end and I have an appointment tomorrow to take it in for an alignment.
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