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I purchased my middle muffler (resonator) and rear muffler along with related rubber hangers and seals from a company called German Star. You can reach them at Each muffler was about 175.00 ; so the total for both along with other items I mentioned put the total at $400.00. The muffler's were Eppesbacher which is an OEM supplier to mercedes. I was very happy with the prompt shipping and quality. Provided you can get the old ones off this is an easy job to do. The items I replaced were the original ones and the center and rear muffler were connected together; they do not seperate. The replacements come seperate with the pipe for the rear muffler slipping over the pipe exiting the center muffler. Make sure to order the clamp that joins them together. I must tell you that German Star was the second company that I dealt with. I bought these same items from Performance Products in CA only to have them arrive damaged as a result of poor packaging. I was not very impressed with the quality either. I sent all of it back. Once it was all done I was very happy; I just couldn't digest the thought of a Midas or Meineke type install. One more thing; in response to the post that said heat is the answer. I used heat initially to try and seperate but to no avail. Tom
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