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Yes, do the service.
At 30K you need, as far as parts are concerned:
oil and filter change, spark plugs, trans oil and filter, air filter.
Other things are lubed and checked; tire rotation, check brakes, check flex disc, lube door and hood hinges and catches, etc.
The fuel filter is due every 60,000 miles, so 60k, 120k, etc. As a matter of fact that's about the only diff I can think of between the 30K and 60K is the fuel filter (talking gas engines here not Diesel).
The brake fluid flush is done on TIME (every 2 years) not mileage, but usually ends up getting done on the 30 and 60K services on a car that's driven an average amount. Also the coolant is also done on TIME, every 3 years on the coolant.
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