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Wendell Allen
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Question gsxr, tcane, pmizell, HGV, and others re. spring shims

Now that I've calmed down a little.......

Sorry guys. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but this has brought up another question. Let's act like math majors for a couple of minutes.

The front of my car measured 26 3/8" on the drivers side, and 26 7/8" on the passengers side. This measurement was taken at the center line of the wheel, and indicates the height of the edge of the wheel well from a level surface. I leveled both the horizontal and vertical lines when I made the measurement. OK, so the vertical line wasn't "level", but it was straight up and down as indicated by a bubble level. This is as true as I'm going to get I'm thinking.

Note that the car had 4 "nub" shims on both sides.

So to level (and hopefully slightly lower) the car, I bought a 1 nub for the passengers side, and a 3 for the drivers side. Not perfect, but reasonably close.

But after installing the new 3 nub (replacing the 4 nub) shim on the drivers side, I measured it again. And to my surprise, it's actually higher now, up to 26 7/8", equal to the passenger side!

So just for grins, I turn over the old shim, and notice that it's been what I call compacted. It's permenantly smushed. (When I showed it to my wife, she looked at me like I was nuts and I could read her mind as she thought "You idiot - the car has a quarter of a million miles on it, what did you expect?). This would explain why the new 3 nub pushed the car higher. And I'm thinking that a further possible explaination for this might be that the previous owner, put a lot of miles on the car with only him in it.

So what all of this is leading me to ask, is, in your humble opinion, should I install the same thickness shim on both sides? I'm afraid that if I put the 1 nub in on the passengers side, it's now going to sit lower than the drivers. And this is just the opposite problem I'm having now.

And I don't even want to go through this again any time soon.

I know you can't make any guarantees, but your opinion would be highly appreciated.

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