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First of all, I'd love to know how the ride height got outta whack, but I suppose that's a different story.

What model/year MB do you have? I know for my 124 300E spring pads come in four "nub" sizes: 1=8mm, 2=13mm, 3=18mm, 4=23mm. I'm not sure if these sizes are universal for all MB's or not.

Secondly, you should understand that change in ride height will not be the same as the difference in nub size mm! i.e., going from 4 down to 1 will not yield an exact 15mm lowering in ride height. I forgot the correlation between the reduction in spring nub size and ride height, but it is NOT 1/1. My car had 3 up front, 2 in back and I went down 1 notch each end and it lowered the height by about 1 inch, maybe a bit more. Do a search for this.

What you experienced as far as your height increasing after going down a nub is expected. Over time, the spring will "settle in" to the spring pad and will lower .... slowly. I wouldn't be surprised if the previous owner changed the spring pads (or other rubber up front [bushings, etc]) at different times resulting in the off balance front height.

You might want to start thinking about putting in a 2 instead of a 1 on the other side (or maybe even a 3 to equal other side), and check the height then. That is, of course, after inspecting the pad's condition. I'm sure you've probably already done this but check the shocks/struts for uniformity -- that they're the same brand and one side is not more worn than the other.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but when ride height is off side to side, you have to experiment a bit.

Good luck!


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