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Question What would be the next best?

mr benz

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What would be the next best?
We have heard a lot about the 500e's, the 190e 2.3- 16v, which great cars from mercedes, even the 400e sounds like a winnner, My question, are the 300e's any good and if so what model/year would u recommend. I wouldloike some power as well as low maintenance.
I would like to own a 500e, but right now i think i may need to move up gradually.
Your opinions are valuable.
Should i just stick with the 190 e 2.3- 16 or the 400e or just go for the 500e.
also can i transplant a 190e 2.3 -16 to just a regular manual tranny 2.3 yr 87 , and wud that be a good thing to do.
thank you.

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