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Run a search under "bypass hose" and you'll find alot of information. One thread in partucular you should read is called something like "The little hose that could".

Some people say that they have replaced the bypass hose by sneaking it into the tiny crack between the two metal tubes. The crack width is about 4mm. The majority say the water pump must come out. Having just done this, I agree with the majority. If I were to do it again, I would attack it as follows. Not all of these steps are absolutely necessary, but I found them helpful.

Remove the air filter, its housing, and the air intake tube. Remove all hoses connected to the radiator. Unclip the fan shroud and the radiator. Lift out the radiator. Lift out the fan shroud. Remove the fan blades. Remove the serpentine belt. Remove the fan clutch plate. Remove the fan pulley. Remove the water pump pulley. Remove the Power Steering pump pulley.Remove the Y shaped tensioner support bracket. Remove the tensioner shock absorber. Remove the tensioner while unscrewing the tension adjustment nut completely. Unbolt the Power Steering pump including the long bolt that goes up at an angle into the AC compressor pump. Push the Power Steering pump to the right to get it out of the way. Remove the idle control valve. Unbolt the water pump (have a wide variety of sockets, wrenches, and extensions both regular and flexible available). That's it for the removal. Now put it back together. Enjoy!

Actually, it's time consuming but not unpleasant. Many advocate the replacement of other parts as long as your in there. Check a prior post of mine where in I ask exactly that question and read the responses. I have no advice for your other question.
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