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Originally Posted by vipercrazy View Post
unless you have some evidence on how you did that im in total disbelief of your entire story, thats atleast 2000 extra rpm, not a slight adjustment for a trans. maybe your tach was off.
Man i wish i had one of those camera phones back then, any way you can adjust any auto box to shift at higher RPMs. first tighten the kick down cable to max so ur car will hit its original RPM, my merc was at 6500RPM and except for first it used to reach that RPM in the rest. I even had to bend the metal bracket of the throttle mechanism. Then u have to take out the valve body from the auto box and adjust the pressure of the speed governor. that will give u the extra rpm range needed. and i have seen it done on a C36 too, and my 300 now shifts at 6600 (used to be 6200) in all gears but first which is a bit lower at 5800 rpm.

Oh, or u can skip all that and just use the lever to hold the gear for as long as you want, simple and makes the car semi auto
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