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M102 Timing Chain Replacement Tips Needed

I have just acquired a 1985 190e 2.3 (w201)
The car is in great condition with only 113K miles. It looks like that may be true mileage as the car is in excellent condition inside and out.

I got it cheap ($550) because the PO could not diagnose a problem with the way it runs. His wife said it had to go. I took a chance on it, thinking I could find the problem and fix it.

Anyway, it appears to have jumped time
and I want to replace the single row chain. Alldata tells me it is a 17 hour job. WOW! that's a lot of labor. I'm up to the task, and I wonder why so much labor. Just doesn't look like a 17 hr job.

I have searched for threads dealing with this procedure, and found very little info. I also have the alldata worksheet.

Does anyone have any first hand tips I could use to make this job go easier?
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