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1995 S320 Strange Sounds???????????

New owner of a 1995 Mercedes S320. Just noticed today
that I have a squeaking sound from my back passanger side
area of the car. Here is what it does:

1) From a a stopped position, when I press the gas pedal
it almost sounds like the rear spring compressing and
giving off a squeaking type sound. When I let off the
pedal, the squeak subsides.

2) With car parked, I went out to back passenger side
of car and pushed it up and down really hard. No
squeaking sound.

3) Squeaking sound only when I start to accelerate
or come to a stop when pressing brakes.

I am going nuts with this new sound. Just had a set
of 2001 S Class rims and tires put on the car yesterday.
No sounds at all when installed. Now 24 hours latter
this strange sound starts.

Any ideas at all as to what this might be? Bad caliper?
Shock? Please help!!!!!!!

Tully Lee
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