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No water rashioning in our area.
The drought disaster is mostly for farmers who rely on rainfall. For residential folks, such as in our area, water comes from the New River - no problems, at least in the area I live in.
We're still conserving and being careful, though.
Here's a copy of my 7.30 posting -
For the first time just degreased the turbo diesel engine and compartment with Castrol's Super Clean Tough Task cleaner/degreaser. (spray bottle) - the label says "biodegradeable". I even sprayed on painted surfaces (but rinsed immediately and thoroughly) and it did a great job with the
original paint showing through after the first application. The heavily caked area, in my case area above the water pump, was loosened with a brass brush and a good soaking for a minute removed the rest without problems. Used a regular garden hose sprayer to avoid driving to the car wash and heat up the engine.
Wiring and vaccuum hoses were also cleaned.
One thing that helps and is important is not to spray the whole engine compartment all at once. Some spots take only 10 seconds of soaking, other spots takes repeated applications and brushing. Pick a spot, soak an rinse, then move on to a different target, and so on. After couple of applications, you can figure out what it takes to remove a certain amount of gunk, and the key thing is not to soak any longer then you have to.
The Castrol stuff works fast.
I cleaned the top and sides of the air filter housing. The turbo area was not gunked up at all but I think it's ok if some water spray gets on it, especially if this being done with the engine cold.
I let everything dry out for couple of hours before starting the car but that's probably overkill.