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98 C280 Flood Victim

i have a 98 c280 that was in a flood up to the shifter, i cannot find anyone to finish up the car after spending much $$ to get it running again,

here is the story and the question

the car ran after the flood but had to be put in the shop and dried out and the mechanic was telling me it was being done and was being worked on and several months later i found that the car had not been touched and now would not start, after looking for someone to work on it for a long time, i finally had someone replace the main computer, transmission computer, igntion switch, security computer and clean up the fuse box and such, the car will not recognize the key anymore due to the new security comp, so i am told, and the new switch came with a green programming key, question one is, does the car have to be hooked up to the computer at a dealership to get this to work properly, after the ignition is recognized i am told the computers will have to be burned in to the car, any help in understanding this process would be greatly appreciated, the car has 15K on it and i hate to part it out. most of the car componets have power including the ignition, only things that dont are things controlledby the computers,


doug ross
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