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Just went out and checked a 5qt container of Mobil 1 which was
purchased inside of two weeks ago. Still marked "Tri-Synthetic".

That said, I would not be surprised in the least to find that
ExxonMobil has been trying to adulterate the basestocks with
cheaper inferior product. A couple of gentlemen I know who have
worked in the petrochemicals and lubricants industry told me to
be watching for that, just after the merger was first announced.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has detected a similar change
in Mobil Delvac 1, or in the Caterpillar synthetic diesel oil which is
reportedly put together using the Delvac 1 basestock plus an
even tougher additive package.

Seems like the number of customer complaint letters I've been
writing has been going up exponentially lately (symptom of a
recession in all but name -- service and quality vanish silently).

I'm happy to add Mobil to that list of complaints. I used to use
Castrol Syntec until Castrol tried its dumb gambit of using a
nonsynthetic basestock to produce an oil that they were pleased
to label as "synthetic".

Yeah, they won their court case when Mobil challenged them on
it (Mobil being at that time on the side of the angels); the judge
said they could call it synthetic if they wanted to. Sigh. Your
gooberment tax dollars at work.

I wrote to Castrol and said that regardless of what the courts or
FTC might say, in my small and closed mind, "synthetic oil" is oil
built from fully synthetic basestocks. Told 'em that it smelled of
deceptive marketing and that they could say goodbye to my
custom. Guess I may have to do something similar with Mobil.

If Shell would cut some volume discounts, I'd be happy to give
their Rotella synthetic a whirl. I'll have to write them as well.

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