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NO you don't need to remove the glove box light on a 210. YES you do jerk it out by the lid, there is no other place to pull. I have had days where I have done this 3 or 4 times (gravy days, lot's of B services) and I have never ever damaged a glovebox. When I first started changing these, I did scratch up a wood spear above the box though, and because of this I now highly discourage any prying at all. The secret (come closer so everyone doesn't know "the secret", sssshhhhh) is to JERK it out, don't just pull and whine like a sissy boy, just a good clean JERK. Just as long as you're sure you got all the screws out, the ones that go in vertically on each side of the glovebox light are the one's to make sure you got out. I usually place my left forearm on top of the open glovebox door, my hand over on the right side of the door, then I use this hand plus my right hand on the right side of the door, in sort of a "bracing" position and give it one good jerk, that'll pop it right out. Anymore I don't even disconnect the wire for the glovebox, just let it hang and change the filter.
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