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400E purchase questions

I have found a '92 400E that is nearly perfect. It looks, runs and grives like new, it has 145K on it. The present owner has had it for five years and is the second owner. He bought it from the local dealer and it is a real "garage queen".

During his ownership, he has only had to replace brakes and a tranny cooling line, as well as tune-ups. He does not have records from the origional owner.

My concern is, I don't know if the evaporator has been replaced,(a common problem?) I'm wondering if I'm looking at water pump, alternator, belts ect. needing replaced. I can do these things on a M103 engine, I'm not sure about a M119 (420).

I can buy it for around $9000. This would be my road car, 35K a year. Any wise words?

91 300E 120K
90 300SE 275K (sold)
92 BMW 525iM 120K
90 BMW 525iA 175K
85 300D 175K (sold)
84 300SD 245K (sold)

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