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poor running at start up with hesitation

Hello - first time user here - lot's of good advice. I've recently purchased an '89 300TE and have develped (or noticed) a problem. The engine fires well - flawlessly whether hot or cold. When cold, it will start OK, but not well. But when hot, the engine will always stall unless I depress the accelerator for a few seconds. Even then, it is a struggle for the engine to remain running. After about 30 seconds (sometimes a bit longer or shorter) of running the engine will smooth out and run well. However, if I run the rpm's a bit high for a while, it will run better - faster.

Additionally, when I accerate the car will not respond for a moment and then begin to move. This mostly happens when the car is first started from sitting for a 8 hour period or so. If I run in for a beer or fill up (whatever) I don't realize the delay condition. Also, after the engine has ran for a while, I don't realize this condition.

I'm reading many posts relating to this and the fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator...... are these my problems?
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