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P/S filter mystery solved, kinda

I posted last week about having trouble removing the power
steering filter from our '83 380SL. That thread is here, for anyone
who is curious:

Removing power steering filter, 380SL

Deltacom posted some photos, but I was still confused about how
to handle what the photos call the "detent spring", the little push
nut or dished washer that holds the spring down on the stud in
the center of the P/S reservoir.

Dropped in to the stealer to see about a new detent spring in
case I mangled the original while removing it. Turns out that this
assembly has been superseded. The new arrangement is to
have a plastic "spacer tube" sit atop the spring; the top of the
tube reaches the threading at the top of the P/S reservoir, same
threading onto which the wingnut for the reservoir top goes.

A new nut fits this threading, below the reservoir top, and pushes
down on the top of the spacer tube, which pushes down on the
spring, which pushes on the top of the new filter.

(Spacer tube is PN 000 466 07 53 for those interested.)

Anyway, with that info, I did get the detent spring out. Gently
bending it with pliers causes it to release cleanly from the stud
shaft (at which time the tension from the big spring under it will
fire the bugger vertically -- wear eye protection or stay clear!).

The old filter arrangement has an "upper steadying plate", a
"filter ring", and a "lower steadying plate". The new model
Mann filter (000 466 16 04) combines the filter media and the
plates into one unit. Nice.

The old filter ring was so stuffed with crud and oxidized from
the heat that it broke into four pieces under modest pressure
from my fingers. Ooooof. Bet that I'm going to be buying a new
P/S pump sooner rather than later. The PO of this vehicle may
not have *ever* had this filter changed since new. And lots of
matching debris and oxidized fluid residue in the reservoir.

I cleaned out the reservoir as best I could with the Mityvac and
Q-tips and paper towels, being sure not to leave cotton lint.

New filter drops in neatly, spring goes right on top. I put in the
spacer tube, but the stealer neglected to order the matching
new nut to go on top of it. I told them that I could find my own
stainless nut locally -- will do that later today.

What I noticed, though, is that the spring is actually long enough
to press firmly against the underside of the reservoir lid, even
without the spacer tube in place! The lid has to be pushed down
about 1cm against the spring, compressing the spring, to seat.

The spacer tube is about 5cm high. With that in place, and with
the tube pushed down far enough to let the top nut be threaded
on (once I get a top nut), the spring is -really- compressed, so
much so that it bows out noticeably to one side.

Sheesh. Is that much spring compression even necessary? Or
maybe there's a shorter spring that's supposed to be retrofitted
when the spacer tube and nut are retrofitted?

I'm inclined to try leaving off the spacer tube and nut for now,
and just have the filter held down by the mildly compressed
spring held by the reservoir top.

If anyone has any insights here, it would be great to hear them.


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