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W126 pedal fade, what the $&$&????

After a road trip with the SD, my brakes started to squeak, so i went out to re-bead the pads. I did several medium stops from about 40mph, some a little slower some faster, and then ONE hard stop. After the one hard stop i noticed insane pedal fade. It's like my brakes were completely gone. I'm sure this isn't the way mercedes engineered their brakes to work under stress, so my opinion is that i have crap pads on the front of the car. I put OEM spec ones on the rear, so they shouldn't be a problem, but i can't remember what i put on the front. Could crap pads cause this much brake fade? By insane fade i'm saying that i could push the pedal till it stopped going down and the car still would not stop quickly-at all, it kind of rolled to a slow stop. After 10 minutes of sitting all is fine again. Opinions wanted please
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