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Repaints will never be as good as OEM. There are two basic reasons.

1) OEM materials are baked at 140C (285 F) Chemical reactions that occur at room temperature can never really be as reactive as materials cured with that much energy. Some of the coatings on MB's were two component like refinish urethanes, and still needed to be oven baked at high temperatures to develop full properties.

2) Remember the old musle car adage, "There aint no substitute for cubic inches"? I modified it in the paint industry to "There aint no subustitute for Mw." In other words, the larger the oligimers (parts that come together chemically to form a polymer), the more durable the coating. Ovens help one use larger starting pieces.

The increased reactivity at high temperatures makes a larger final polymer. Larger polymers apply better initially (Don't ask why, I could type forever on that subject. The explination is really stattistically driven.) and have better durability because the final product from the larger pieces is more durable. Refinish is always at a disadvantage. The idea is to apply in such a way to minumize the difference.
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